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​In June 2016 when a minor pain in my right knee evolved and started impacting on everyday activities such as getting into my car, walking downstairs and basically just being able to play games with my two young boys. I also had to stop playing golf and a five-a-side football.

After 8 months of this pain which involved visits to the Doctor, X-Ray, MRI, Consultant, there was no improvement and I was ready to give up until I learned Kieran had completed a course in London to treat chronic pain.

Kieran listened to my story and treated the symptoms. After the second session with Kieran I could see improvements and after a few more weeks I was back playing my favourite pastime, Golf.

My sessions with Kieran resulted in me not having knee surgery and I am now on course to a full recovery 😊.

Tommy / Patient

I have known Kieran for a number of years now in a professional capacity as we both worked together in the military. It was during this time I became aware of his interest in sports recovery, physio and recuperation.

I have always had an interest in sports myself, and as with all sports people, you can really only train hard when your body is injury / pain free. Over the years I’ve had numerous injuries but lately one in particular has affected me greatly, it was from my hip, glute and down into the hamstring. Originally, I tried a few rubs, physio etc. but unfortunately this niggling pain persisted. In the end I spent a lot of money going from one place to the next trying to find a solution, again, all to no avail.

It was while having a conversation with a cross fit friend of mine, and explaining my situation that he recommended talking to Kieran. Actually, he insisted I contact Kieran….if I wanted results. I knew Kieran had retired from the Army at this point but wasn’t aware he had opened his own business and to the extent he had evolved from doing physio work to functional neurology and movement!!!

At the first consultation I knew this was something different, his interest and enthusiasm in my past history of pain was clear to see. He carried out a comprehensive and in-depth survey of my past injuries, from this he could come up with a carefully structured therapy plan. We got started right away and I admit that some of the procedures seemed unusual at first, but I had faith in him. Long story short, the results were instantaneous!!! And I don’t say that lightly. After the first visit the pain and feeling of tightness in my leg was gone… simple as that. So, over the next few visits I asked him to look at a few different niggles I had which he did.

But, one thing that really stood out to me was Kieran`s after care, not only would he contact me between sessions but he would send on links (YOUTUBE) to understanding the specific pain, reading material and demonstrational rehab videos. He even went as far as researching different avenues that I could follow in my therapy, introducing me to contacts in the UK, He really took an interest and showed a lot of integrity as a professional, this made a massive and lasting impression on me

So that’s my story, without Kieran I wouldn’t be at the point where I am now, where I can go for a run or jump on the bike without constant pain. I really appreciate all your help and guidance Kieran and wish you all the best in the future.

Anthony / Patient

Before I met Kieran McNally I suffered with off balance from a history of vertigo and historic head injury 30+ years previous. Kieran carried out an assessment and treated the identified symptoms . Before treatment I was unable to balance myself with my eyes closed but afterwards to my delighted I was for the first time in many years able to hold my balance. The treatment has changed many situations that previously would have been very difficult for me. I can now be in my car on a hill and not feel I am rolling backwards, I can be in a crowd and not have sensory overload from the noise and volume of people to name but a few. I would highly recommend Kieran. He is very professional.

Noelle Spollen / Patient